SPECTRA Backflow Protector RM40

backflow protector M1Utk order, sila mesej “spectra backflow protector” di link ni: http://hafsahcollection.wasap.my  atau whatsapp 019-4699293 

Sesuai untuk pam model :
Spectra M1

Spectra 9+
Spectra S1
Spectra S2

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Spectra – PREMIUM Breast Shield Set *Wide Neck* RM90

premium breastshieldNak jadikan single pam Spectra M1, S1 dan S2 kepada double pam?
Mencari breastshield set spectra yang baru?

Dapatkan→ Spectra – PREMIUM Breast Shield Set *Wide Neck*

Normal price: RM104
Our price: RM90

Hanya untuk model pam Spectra M1, 9+, S1 dan S2

Set includes :
1 x Breast shield
1 x White valve
1 x Tubing
1 x Backflow preventer
1 x Wide Neck PP Bottle Rockets

Kepada yang mencari breastshield set untuk model Spectra 3, Spectra Dew 300 dan Dew 350, sila lihat disini: https://myhafsah.com/2017/04/30/spectra-breast-shield-set-wide-neck-rm80/

PM/Watsapp “Spectra M1” ke:
✆ 019-4699293 (Whatsapp only)

atau klik disini : whatsapp Hafsahcollection

Spectra Breastshield Set *Wide Neck* RM80

breastshield set nonp fbNak jadikan Spectra 3, Spectra Dew 300 dan Spectra Dew 350 single kepada double pam? Mencari breastshield set spectra yang baru?

Normal price: RM93
Our price: RM80
• Breast shield
• Valve Head
• Filter
• Air tube
• Wide neck bottle

Utk order, sila mesej “spectra breastshield set” di link ni: http://hafsahcollection.wasap.my  atau whatsapp 019-4699293 

Kepada yang mencari spectra premium breastshield set untuk Spectra M1, S1 dan S2, boleh lihat disini

SPECTRA white valve (for Spectra M1, S1 and S2) 2pcs for RM32



Spare part untuk spectra M1, S1 dan S2

Untuk tempahan, sila SMS/whatsapp  +60196611782

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Spectra Large Membrane RM21

large membrane

Spectra large membrane RM21

Spare part untuk Spectra M1, Spectra S1, dan Spectra S2

Diameter saiz : 5.5 cm

Cara order? lakukan salah satu cara dibawah:

PM/Watsapp “Spectra M1” ke:
✆ 019-4699293 (Whatsapp only)

atau klik disini : http://hafsahcollection.wasap.m

PM di Facebook, type “Spectra M1” di link ni:

Spectra Backflow Prevention Filter RM30

spectra filer 2spectra filter

Evelove Valve and Membrane RM11

babylily valve&membranePrice: RM11

Get 2 units of Valve & Membrane compatible with Lily or Baby Lily Breastpump


Semenanjung RM7

Sarawak RM10

Sabah RM12


Suitable for: Evelove Lily double breastpump OR Evelove Baby Lily single breastpump

To order, sms/whatsapp 0194699293

Spectra small membrane RM9.50

price RM9.50 only


Autumnz – Silicone Breastshield Massager RM20

silicone bshieldCan be used with:

  • Autumnz MARVEL Single Electric Breast Pump
  • Autumnz ULTIMATE Double Electric Breast Pump

Pos RM6 to semenanjung

Autumnz – Nasal Aspirator RM29.90

nasal_aspirator3_01nasal‘Relieves Nose Congestion’


The Autumnz Aspirator allows you to safely and naturally clear your baby’s nose for clearer breathing, easier feeding and better sleep. Removing excess mucus also helps prevent further complications such as coughs, ear infections and tummy upsets.

~ Clearer Breathing

~ Restful Sleep

~ Easier Feeding

~ Reusable & Easy to Clean

~ Soft, Flexible Silicone Tip

~ BPA Free


How to use

Place the tip close to the nostril

Place the mouthpiece in your mouth and apply suction. The mucus collects hygienically in the sealed tip base

You have complete control by varying the level of continuous suction. Start slowly and gradually increase the strength of the suction. 

Clean the aspirator before and after each use.

Evelove pumping bustier (PLUS SIZE) on SALE RM64

evelove plus sizeIt is made from high quality, stretchable material, thus providing comfort for mothers while pumping. It works well with all single and double breast pumps (no attachments required).

Thoughtfully designed, it’s multilevel position hook and eye closure adjusts for your varying breast size and it can be used above your nursing bra. Bustier provides breast compression, helps you to express more milk in less time!

With the Eve Love Pumping Bustier, mothers can now work or tend to your baby while pumping. Every nursing mother’s dream of liberation has now come true!

Eve Love Pumping Bustier (PLUS Size) is 31.5 inches (length). Fits “Bust Measurement”  of 39 inches to 41 inches.

Measure your Bust as in the Picture Below:

Autumnz- Deluxe Disposable Breastpads (30 pcs) RM15.90

breastpadNEW!! – CONTOURED cup that follows the shape of your breast for beautiful fitting and optimum comfort


  • Super absorbent & leak proof
  • Contoured 3D shape cup to provide perfect and discreet fitting
  • Absorb any leaking milk and prevent wet spots
  • Soft and breathable with fluffy cotton lining
  • Ultra thin & lightweight
  • Double adhesive tape to keep pads in place
  • Perfect fit for all bra sizes
  • Individually packed for hygiene and convenience


  • Change breast pads frequently for hygiene purpose

Spectra Breastshield set RM80


Postage fee RM6 (semenanjung)

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